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Our three-day immersive gatherings are the core of Wominyan. A weekend of deep bonding and learning, we examine the question "What does it mean to be a Jewish-woman?" from different perspectives. We are guided in sessions led by featured Jewish educators and peer-to-peer workshops.

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Holidays & Shabbat

These special days are when we build our practices as Jewish-women*, whether we do so by attending Shofar-sounding class or a regal Shabbat in honor of Purim and our inner Queen.

*All who feel they belong, regaurdless of religious or gender identity 

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Online Community

Wominyanistas are across the globe. We stay in touch by sharing the latest articles we're grappling with, warm words of encouragement, songs that get us through the day, and even a virtual Omer count.


This is our spin on traditional Jewish pair-learning (Chevruta). Every couple of months, each Hervruta pair receives a packet of texts and activities that explore the intersection of gender and Judaism.