A three-day immersive gathering, away from your work, your city, and surrounded by kickass Jewish-women* in their 20s-30s. We laugh, we learn, and break challah together. Sometimes we dive into texts — Talmud, the Hamilton soundtrack, Kimberlé Crenshaw — and sometimes we have pajama parties. We are always finding new ways to author our identities as Jews, as women, and as Jewish-women*.

*All who feel they belong, regardless of religious or gender identity

Retreat Highlights

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Featured Educator

We hear from inspiring Jewish educators who craft sessions on topics ranging from Queen Esther's identity conflict to finding our inner-prophetess.

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Wominyan Core

We engage with the retreat's central question through different lenses: What does it mean to be a Jewish woman relationally? Physically? Intersectionally?

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We all learn from one another. Participants lead workshops using art, discussion, text, and more to explore parts of their identity.

what we look for in applicants

Each retreat adds a cohort of rad Jewish-women* of all backgrounds to our community of over 100 Wominyan members. Written applications are the main way we get to know you as a potential Wominyanistas and understand how you can strengthen our collective.

As we read your application, we’ll ask ourselves:

  • How do you grapple with your identity as a Jewish-woman*?

  • How will you teach and learn from others exploring these identities?

  • How will you add a diverse set of identities or perspectives to our collective?

  • How will you nourish and build on our community beyond this retreat?


Upcoming Retreats 

July 26–28, 2019 at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT.


Our applications are now closed. Tune in later this year for dates for our Winter Retreat.