Sanherdrin members share what wominyan means to them


“Wominyan is one of those experiences I won’t easily forget. It was refreshing to be in such a strong community of my peers, with the ability to nurture each other, and support one another as we explore what it means to be a woman, and to be Jewish."

— Tiana


“I befriended a group of interesting and inspiring women, who I now see at Wominyan reunions and Shabbat Dinners.
I think it is an essential group that has been lacking in the Jewish world, and is a gift to receive."

— Anna


“I realized the Monday after Wominyan that if a rabbinical school was willing to have a lesson about supporting someone who experienced sexual violence, then I would be willing to lead that lesson. Something about this weekend made me see that that shame made no sense. Thank you for that emboldening... I feel ready to enter a new level in advocacy."

— Meredith


"Wominyan made me feel connected to Judaism and myself in a way I have rarely felt before. It felt like an awesome warm hug the whole time."



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