Wominyan is a space for and by Jewish women*
to author their identities.

Our mission is to nurture self-fulfillment through three forces:
Jewish knowledge, community, and self-exploration  

*All who feel they belong, regardless of religious or gender identity


The Wominyan Story

Once upon a time, the fabric of Jewish practice was woven around the Temple, our most sacred place. The Jewish people faced an impossible question when it was destroyed: how could Judaism survive? To craft an answer, a council of male sages — The Sanhedrin — gathered to reshape our religion into the practices we still hold dear today.

But what would Judaism look like now
if women had been at that table?

At Wominyan, we are a Sanherdrin taking ownership of Judaism, exploring practices that celebrate, embrace, reimagine, and examine what it means to be a Jewish woman*. Just like our sages cultivated Judaism to fit their new reality, we lovingly mold ours.

We don't need seats when we can build our own table.


*All who feel they belong, regardless of religious or gender identity


Latest News

The Wominyan Retreat is coming back this July 26–28, 2019 at the Isabella Freedman Center, in Falls Village, CT.

Learn more about programing and how to apply.




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